Today I was reminded that I’m never too far from the help I need to be more efficient or move faster in Microsoft Teams via Commands and keyboard shortcuts.


Commands are easily accessed via just typing “/” in the search bar atop Teams, which will display a list of all available Commands. Check back occasionally, because Microsoft updates this list as new Commands become available.

the “slash” menu from Teams

You can create your own commands and add them to the Command Menu via Messaging Extensions (ask an SPFx Developer for more details on how).

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are also many keyboard shortcuts that help you move…

I recently delivered a very detailed release note about a cool new piece of an intranet to a senior HR leader at a client. His response was, paraphrased, “This is great and interesting, and I’ll read it, but can you tell me how you added this line to your e-mail signature?”

[This was the line in my sig that he liked]

It’s simple to do:

  1. Go into “Signatures” in Outlook from an open e-mail message to edit them
  2. Pick the signature you want to edit

A genuinely well-executed prospecting email

I received the above e-mail after inquiring about a property on Although the challenges of buying real estate right now are well-documented, there are still transactions happening, and I was struck by how, in a succinct note, the agent was able to:

· provide information about the listing

· provide context for the sale in light of the current market conditions

· make clear the benefits of working with this agent, and

· ask me for my business.

As someone with experience selling and prospecting, and who admires well thought-out business communication, I had to take note. …

At the end of a trying year I am taking a moment to make sense of 2020, express gratitude for some unexpected silver linings, and express my hope for a better 2021. The beginning of 2021 also coincides with my “cake day,” my one-year anniversary as a member of the Sympraxis team, so what better time to take stock?

Gratitude for 2020

In this most challenging of years, I am fortunate to have a great job with a great team, doing interesting things with people I like and respect. I realize how fortunate this makes me. …

This article was originally posted on August 01, 2006.

As I spent time with an up-and-coming Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS, now known as ) partner today who clearly understood the maturation/commoditization of the MBS opportunity, the following occurred to me:

— MBS partners who are going to win are going to expand their business into Information Worker, by building it themselves, finding the best partners, or acquiring practices

— MBS partners have a preferred position, in many cases, of already having resources with strong business and technical acumen close to the business decision makers whose mindshare Microsoft craves so badly

This article was originally posted on August 16, 2006.

An interesting article by Michael Vizard in the current issue of Baseline magazine warns of an impending data management crisis as the lines blur between what used to be discrete line-of-business applications (ERP, CRM, services automation, other backoffice). Vizard points to tools like XML and web services as a key factor in this.

This concept is playing out with Web applications via the emergence of “mashups,” a generic term for web applications that take elements of multiple other web applications and present them in a single wrapper. An example of a…

This article was originally posted on September 21, 2006.

I attended a terrific presentation/panel discussion today sponsored by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. The topic was “Web 2.0 — How Will It Impact Your Business?” and speakers included software executives (including Dan Bricklin, widely known as the inventor of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet, as the discussion’s moderator), authors, angel investors and venture capitalists. Each brought a slightly different perspective to how the disruptive technologies are changing our lives (notably, first at the consumer level, then at the corporate level).

I have about 7 pages of hand-written notes, and could probably…

This article was originally posted on September 26, 2006.

On the question of the single best measure for how the economy is doing: Dr. Greenspan said that per-capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the single best measure, although it does a poor job of measuring “welfare” or a “happiness index.” He is also interested in the “specific gravity” of GDP: What does it weigh? (“heavy” industries are low growth — “light” industries, idea-intensive, are high growth and high value).

On the current state of the economy: slowing slightly, inventory building and housing bubble creating some challenges (he mentioned Boston seeing…

This article was originally posted on October 11, 2006.

Office 2007 has brought us…drum roll please…: WYSBYGI (pronounced “wizbiggy”). Not only is it even more fun to say than WYSIWYG (I know you’re trying it right now), but it represents one of the coolest things about Office 2007. It means “ What You See Before You Get It” and is officially called “Live Preview.” In the “old days” of WYSIWYG, when you wanted to change, for example, the format of a particular paragraph in a Word Document, you would select the text you wanted to change, go to the menu…

This article was originally posted on October 26, 2006.

It provides users with a systematic tool for “scrubbing” a document file of hidden data, metadata, personal information, etc., as well as other options. The Document Inspector looks like this:

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