Behold the Power of Social Media: Old School Meets Web 2.0

This article was originally posted on January 25, 2009.

We ran into some minor, annoying issues with the service, surly attitudes from the bartender and waitstaff. Nothing acute, a lot of what you’d expect at a crowded bar in an urban setting (especially in Philadelphia, where pugnacity is an art form), but it aggravated me enough to Tweet about it:

I was positively dumbstruck when I received an e-mail today, not 24 hours later (on a Sunday, no less!) from McGillin’s decidedly non-surly publicist offering to buy me a beer by way of apology. It appears that McGillin’s created a Twitter account last week, has 47 followers already who’ve signed up for information about McGillin’s news, events, giveaways, etc. , and most importantly, actively monitors their “channel” for feedback from their customers.

The cycle between a customer’s experience with a business, feedback, and corrective action being taken or not has gotten amazingly short and direct. Kudos to a decidedly “old school” business for investing in and effectively using this “new school,” social media tool to improve a customer’s experience.

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