BI Secret Weapon — The Spreadsheet (no, really!)

This article was originally posted on June 21, 2007.

A recent research brief from Forrester Research provides some very rich analysis on:

  • Why spreadsheets remain a valuable BI tool in enterprises (e.g., flexibility, ease of use, etc.)
  • Some of the key challenge to the use of spreadsheets in this role (security, integrity, etc.)
  • How IT can facilitate the effective use of spreadsheets, instead of fighting them (the battle is over — the spreadsheets won)
  • How Microsoft is positioned relative to use of spreadsheets as BI tools
  • What alternative spreadsheet tools (e.g., web-based, centrally managed spreadsheets — Google Apps says hi) are on enterprise radar screens

FYI — The term “Excel Web Services” was only tangentially mentioned, and Forrester’s prognosis for the pace of adoption of such tools is not rosy.

Give it a read — quite enlightening!

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