Collaboration 1.0 Meets Web 2.0: Tagging + E-mail

This article was originally posted on April 10, 2008.

At the suggestion of a colleague, I’ve experimented with taking it one step farther: using tagging as a way to organize my e-mail. I downloaded an evaluation license for a product called Taglocity, which I’ve been using to tag and organize e-mail messages in my Outlook. Taglocity has many other capabilities which I’ve yet to explore, but a few screenshots tell the story best. (note: screenshots have been redacted/whited out to hide customer-specific information)

Tag cloud — for selected e-mails, click on the term in the cloud to tag the message:

Filter cloud: click on a term in the cloud to pull up a filtered view of your messages tagged with that term.

Overall, I am finding Taglocity a nice complement to Outlook’s native views, search, and metadata, and well worth the few seconds it takes to add a tag to each message. I look forward to exploring other Taglocity features, including using the “Auto Tag” feature where Taglocity “learns” from patterns in your tagging to assign tags to messages, getting “smarter” as it does more.

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