Economic Hard Times and Web 2.0

This article was originally posted on October 15, 2008.

This morning (via a newly-subscribed-to Twitter feed linking me to Harvard Business Publishing), I found and read a great short blurb of an article by Tom Davenport, with whose work at CIMS I am familiar.

Tom raises the timely question of the impact of the economic crisis on the explosion of social media, and it’s a good point. The people who scratch their heads hardest and ask most frequently “Why would you want to do THAT?” when told what Facebook or Twitter do are the Greatest Generation, people who came of age during honest-to-goodness hard times and who were inculcated with values that include hard work and fiscal prudence.

An absolutely priceless line from Davenport that sums it up best is this: “Will we have time for Second Life when we have to take a second job?”

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