I’m thrilled to be here.

Not “here” meaning “on Medium, expressing myself” (although this is cool). “Here” meaning “at my new job as a Business Architect at Sympraxis Consulting, starting January 2020.”

Sympraxis Consulting Logo
Sympraxis Consulting Logo

I have known two of the five Sympraxians (Julie and Derek) as co-workers for years, and I’m currently engaged on a long-term project with two of the others (Emily and Todd). I haven’t worked directly with Marc Anderson, but I’ve known him through the local Microsoft technology community (in which he is an OG) for over a decade, and Marc has been a friend and mentor during that time. It’s also been great to reside with the Sympraxians at the “Real World: SharePoint” house at IGNITE the past few years.

So I’m not super-new to them, nor they to me. What IS new (or renewed, at least) is my enthusiasm for joining a small, focused, world-class team with very specific and deep expertise in technologies I am passionate about and have implemented with clients over the past 20+ years. From Microsoft Business Solutions to Microsoft Office to Microsoft 365, I’ve been immersed, helping clients solve business problems with them, and cultivating communities around them.

I am thrilled to be part of this team. Three are Microsoft MVPs, and all are among the most innovative, smart and efficient developers and IT Pros I know. I’m excited to bring decades of experience serving clients by defining and articulating technology roadmaps, organizing and managing projects to drive business outcomes, and helping people transform their work with powerful collaboration technologies. We’re going to make a great team.

I can’t wait to get started.

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