Integrating Search with Office Applications — New from Office Labs

This article was originally posted on July 02, 2008.

It’s a tool that uses search to simplify navigating the new user interface in Office 2007 by dropping a “Command Search” tab into the ribbon in the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. This will be another useful tool in helping users make the transition to the new version of Office by allowing them to easily search for and find commands that may be hidden or in an unfamiliar place.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download a small (< 3 MB) file from Microsoft Office Labs. [direct link to download]

2. Install the add-in.

3. Fire up Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2007.

4. Click on the “Search Commands” tab in the toolbar.

5. Enter in the search window the command or function you are looking for.

6. Select the command you want from the results, shown in the ribbon.

7. Extra bonus: note the little flyover that provides details about where on the ribbon to find the command in the future.

Between this tool and another Office Labs tool called Community Clips that allows you to create, find, and share screen recording videos to create on-the-fly tutorials for colleagues or others, Office Labs is working hard to smooth the way for broader adoption of Office by enterprise customers.

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