Microsoft Teams: When in doubt, just type “/” or “[ctrl-.]”

Today I was reminded that I’m never too far from the help I need to be more efficient or move faster in Microsoft Teams via Commands and keyboard shortcuts.


are easily accessed via just typing “/” in the search bar atop Teams, which will display a list of all available Commands. Check back occasionally, because Microsoft updates this list as new Commands become available.

the “slash” menu from Teams

You can create your own commands and add them to the Command Menu via (ask an SPFx Developer for more details on how).

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are also many that help you move faster in Teams. Just pressing “[ctrl-.]” (control key + period key) pulls up an extensive menu of keyboard shortcuts.

(partial) list of keyboard shortcuts for Teams

The keyboard shortcut list also includes details for web vs client app and MacOS vs Windows keyboards, and accessibility options for users who use screen readers and other adaptive devices.

Happy (and speedy) computing!

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