New Microsoft Tool for SharePoint Capacity Planning

This article was originally posted on February 08, 2008.

As Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 gets a larger and larger body of real-world use, new tools for deploying and managing SharePoint technologies are coming into existence.

Recently, Microsoft released a capacity planning tool to help customers to plan how their SharePoint environment can be architected to best support their intended usage patterns. It isn’t intended to be a replacement for a skilled architect, consultant, or systems engineer, but is an excellent tool for developing a first pass at a system architecture for SharePoint.

It’s not exactly the same as HP’s tool (for example, HP’s sizing utility will provide a very specific set of HP hardware, priced out, as an output), but it’s definitely worth a look if you’re evaluating SharePoint and trying to get an initial understanding of what hardware you’ll need. I’ll try to post a followup as I or my colleagues start to work with this tool.

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