Windows Server 2008 and SharePoint Services Uncoupled

This article was originally posted on November 02, 2007.

Interesting news this week as Microsoft announced that Windows SharePoint Services v3 will be “de-coupled” from the upcoming release of Windows Server 2008, and will require a separate download.

There are and will be competing theories on this, ranging from:

  • Microsoft simply wishes to simplify the creation and administration of Windows Server by making it more modular in the future.
  • Microsoft is trying to avoid potential conflict with the Department of Justice, who might require that this set of collaboration tools be uncoupled from the core server operating system.

I’m sure there will be others — take your pick.

As we get closer to Microsoft’s 2008 wave of launch activities (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008), expect to see and hear more news, and mark February 27, 2008 on your calendar.

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